Our Key Products


The coastal climate is just right for colorful, flavorful tomatoes. Farmer's Best Vine Ripe, On the Vine, Grape and Roma tomatoes are truly unique in the category.


Expect the best quality in a wide selection of vegetables from Farmer's Best. For crispness, freshness, appeal and flavor, look no further..


Fruits from Farmer’s Best meet the highest quality standards. Speed and care from farm to market make the most flavorful difference.


The array of fresh produce products Farmer’s Best sources and ships is always expanding. Take a look at what’s different, new, and of international interest.

Our History

In a world where companies come and go, a multi-generation operation is of great value.
We have been in the market since the 1960s.
We started out first season with one single plot of cucumbers and we have now developed into a multi commodity operation with modern facilities and advanced technological growing practices:

Green & Fresh
Rancho Monte Alban
Ensenada, B.C.
P: (646) 192-7890