Out of the shuck shack we provide our oysters and clams whole in the shell for you to shuck and cook yourself. We give instruction and guidance in a very relaxed atmosphere that brings you closer to your food.
And in case you want it all done for you from The Kitchen we bring you recipes that highlight the natural beauty of our shellfish. All of our ingredients are non GMO, organic and sustainable.
We are a BYOB, the park is dog friendly (on a lead) and we are very lucky to enjoy a wonderful energy from a great diversity of oyster lovers from far and wide.

Tips for Picnickers

What to bring

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your visit:

  • - An oyster knife and a clean cloth or gloves to shuck the oysters.
  • - For the clams, a pan and a nice loaf of French bread (perfect for sopping up the broth).
  • - Wine and beer (allowed in the State Park).
  • - A cooler with ice.
  • - Sauces, salads, vegetables, cheeses, fruit…

We have oyster knives, sauces, lemons and charcoal for purchase.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: Closed
  • Friday and Saturday: 11am to 6:00pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 5:00pm


  • •The State Park staff at the front desk will provide a 20min free pass for customers who take to go
  • •Anyone staying longer than 20min is requested to pay the State Park $10 day use fee (which goes towards the upkeep of the park).
  • •There is free street parking to be found outside the park.

The Kitchen

Oysters; raw, baked and fried. Clams; steamed or soup. Other seafood; Bay scallop ceviche, stone crab claws. Non seafood; grass fed beef burger.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: Closed
  • Friday and Saturday: 11am to 6:00pm (San Buenaventura State Beach)
  • Sunday: 11am to 5pm (San Buenaventura State Beach)

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